Friday, May 25, 2018

Bedmi Puri | How to make Bedmi Poori at home | Crispy Urad Dal Puri

The foodie gets this so called “foodie vibes” in between of trying out some old lost recipes or dishes which he had long back.


So we tried searching bedghi – Bedai puri – that’s what he mentioned – which we concluded is bedmi puri – it’s a specialized puri from north of India. It is normally served with Aloo ki Sabzi (Potato tomato gravy).

You do :

· It requires say ½ C of URad dal to be soaked for around 4 hours, then grinded to coarse paste.

· Take Wheat flour + Rice Flour + Rava + salt – red chilli powder – turmeric as per taste.

· Mix the flour with about 2-3 tbsp of oil to make crumbles, then add the #uraddal paste. And this makes the Bedmi Poori atta .

· Add water if necessary – make a stiff dough.

· Make small puris – use oil if necessary and fry in medium high oil to make fluffy – crispy puris .


We had some leftover chicken gravy, me and kids had it with it and the Foodie had with his favorite Puri Bhaji which was Aloo Tamator zol.

Add this to the Recipes to try this weekend - Happy Weekend !

Monday, May 21, 2018


It’s been ages that I have posted here.
So much has changed, the time I used to blog – “food blog” was a new term. And today there are so many professional bloggers with awesome food snaps, beautiful posts, detailed recipes , videos of details – really I feel I was the pre- historic blogger :D
Frankly, with so much going on in my life, blogging was not in the priority, but then the old habits hobbies don’t go away so easily.
Though I have been hardly cooking nowadays, sometimes it just makes me go ahead and click a snap.
But then the snaps used to just lie around.
So I tried my hands on something called as Instagram which is like food snaps hub. There are so many foodstagrammers (is that a word ?) with million followers putting on again scrumptious snaps making you eat your mobile.
The only positive of Instagram was I did not type much, just post a click and add some hashtags – but I did miss my blog here.
So thought of posting here too- same – I have no idea how long I might post or how regular but then it’s my space so trying to be just being around.
Enough for today, and hope more comes by.

Kitchen Gossip on Instagram

Friday, May 18, 2018

Healthy Maharashtrian Thalipeeth

That Healthy Maharastrian Thalipeeth

My kids love #eggsforbreakfast, but then that #guiltymom in me tortures me to make some variety for them which is #healthyyet #delicious.
So this weekend, I made our #authentic#Maharashtrian #thalipeeth, and served with this #dollop of #homemade #butter .

Totally #toddlerfriendlyrecipe, hence this #recipepost

1. Mix 1/2C Rava + 1C rice flour and all other flours 2-3 tbsp as per your interest –here I mixed Jowar + Raagi flour with finely chopped onion and coriander leaves. (For adults – green chillies).
2. Add Sugar + Salt. Add water to make a sticky dough – one which can be patted on a griddle easily by hand.
3. So on #kitchengossip I had explained as follows – “Use a bowl of water to wet your hands frequently, so with wet hands take a big ball of dough and spread it on the Tava as thinly as possible”
4. Cook on both sides.

Serve hot with homemade #loni
#kidsloveit #indianbreakfast #marathi#indianfood #indianfoodtales#breakfasttime #breakfastlover#breakfastclub #breakfasting#breakfastporn #indianfoodie #punekar#indiansnacks #indianfoodie#goodfoodindia #100foodposts2018

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