Monday, August 31, 2009

Aloo Paratha

Our Weekdays Breakfast range from Bread Butter to Bread Omlette or else if both have loads of time then Poha ! But on weekends Breakfast doesn’t exist but BRUNCH does!
So it’s always something heavy which can also qualify for easy Lunch.
So last time I prepared a Perfect easy to prepare Aloo Paratha and for my standards it turned out very well! Explaining the process of making parathas is too difficult but photos explain a lot !
With everything ready it took me 20 minutes to prepare 3-4 parathas !

You Need:
Wheat dough – Kneaded dough used for chapattis
Dry Wheat flour – for dusting
Smashed Peeled Boiled Potatoes (I used grated ones): 2-3
Turmeric: ½ tsp
Red Chili Powder: ½ tsp
Grated Green Chilies: 1-2
Amchur Powder: ½ tsp
Oil or Ghee for shallow frying over the pan

You Do:
1. Mix and Knead the Potatoes and the mentioned masalas together to make smooth dough like stuffing.
2. Roll the dough to make a thick small chapatti – Roll more at end and keep the centre a bit thicker.
3. Make a small ball of the potato stuffing and close the rolled chapatti as mentioned

4. Then once closed the ball again roll it very lightly applying dry wheat flour in intervals. (This makes rolling easy)
5. Then cook and shallow fry the paratha on heated pan by applying oil or ghee in intervals.

I would like to send this BRUNCH to EC for her


  1. These are always a hit for me..thanks for the tempting parathas

  2. Thank you Kanchan and nice paratha. So yummy.

  3. Paratha looks soo yummy. Thanks for the recipe.


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