Monday, August 24, 2009

Bhutte ka Kees

Going on with my Food Language Communication Gap, When The Foodie said - "Bhutta" - I had never heard this word before, thanks to lack of my Hindi language. What I knew of corn was "The Makka": the patent roasted corn that you get at Juhu Beach. Later on when mom started preparing sweet corn soup or baby corn palak, added on to my corn WIKI.
Full Stop.
Bhutta and that too proper dry vegetable dish which is also ate as Poha/Upma in evening, Didn't know sorry !! :-B
The Foodie mentioned about this dish as most commonly prepared at his place during Corn season. So this is totally HIS recipe and HIS preparation.
This is Ekdum different type of dish and tastes too good and doesn't take more than twenty minutes preparation time!
So the Master Chef Says... (This is what he calls himself) :))
Bhutte ka Kees/ Kisslela makka / Grated Corn Cob:
You Need:

Sweet Corn Cobs: 2 in number

Curry leaves: 3-4
Green Chilies: 1-2
Milk: 1 cup
Turmeric Powder: 1/2 tbsp
Ghee: 2-3 tbsp
Mustard Seeds: Tempering
Salt to taste

You Do:

1. Grate Corn Cob leaving the centre hard part, Right Sweet Corn gives out loads of juice. (It looks yummy)
2. Once Ghee is heated Kadhai, Put Mustard Seeds, once done with spluttering put Green chilies and Curry leaves.
3. Put the grated corn and sauté it in the ghee for some time.
4. If it starts sticking to Kadhai, pour the milk along with turmeric and salt.
5. Mix it properly. Let it cook with cover for about ten minutes, it looks fluffy when done. Garnish with coriander if required.

This dish looks a lot like Pithla especially for Maharastrian public, but tastes totally different, need to TRY and I luved it with Parathas!
Vokay, So Me sending this recipe along with my Alu Kanda Recipe for Side Dish for chapathis event hosted by Viki, with a very cute logo :)


  1. Sounds really unique and new to me Kanchan! :) WOnderful recipe!

  2. @Raks, yes .. even for me it was quite new, I learned from The Foodie.

    @Home cooked .. thank you. :)


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